PH has been manufacturing high quality ferrule for more than ten years. Well known for complete line of industrial hose ferrules applied in one wire, two wires, three wires, four wires, six wires and PTFE hoses, PH is also fully capable of producing ferrules in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass material.
One wire ferrule is used for SAE 100 R1AT and EN 853 1SN hoses, it’s used to reinforce the connection between one wire hose and different thread hydraulic fittings. Therefore, the size of ferrule must be compatible with hose and fittings’.
Two wire ferrule is used for SAE 100R2AT and EN 853 2SN hoses, PH can produce both skive and non-skive ferrules, they are frequently produced in PH, large stocks are available in case of any urgent need.
Four wire ferrule is used for EN 856 R12, EN 856 4SP and EN 856 4SH hoses, it’s a kind of skive ferrule. The material for the four wire ferrule is sourced from the most reliable and trusted vendors in this industry.
PTFE ferrule is a kind of ferrule made from carbon steel but used for PTFE hoses, ferrule sizes refer to the fittings into which they fit. PTFE ferrules are quality tested to ensure perfectly finished product.
Six Wire ferrule is used for six wires hose SAE 100 R13 and SAE 100 R15.There are many grooves with different sizes in the inner surface of ferrule, which is used to help reach the high power against the pulling out.