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the technical performance hose crimping machine
hydraulic hose clamps in our lives are often seen , but everyone 's understanding of the hose crimping machine is very strange, our technicians come under specific introduction . Classification crimping machine , such as by using the function can be divided into parher hydraulik monoblock pressure pipe crimping machine , crimping machine brake pipe , air pipe crimping machine , crimping machine , etc. power tubes , such as by mechanical structure can be divided into straight -type crimping machine , double column withhold machine, crimping machine open type , C type crimping machine , such as by control can be divided into electromechanical crimping machine , PLC -style crimping machine , crimping machine CNC type , electro-mechanical crimping machine which is widely used ,Deduction of the machine is a kind of tube assemblies for hydraulic crimping device , it will die by supporting applied by the contraction of the metal joints , metal joints firmly withheld by supporting the construction machinery in use on the high-pressure tubing or car brakes pipes , oil pipes , air pipes , power tube. Crimping machine for all kinds of high and low mechanical tubing, pipe , plumbing , cable connectors, automotive air conditioning pipes, power steering pipe , oil pipe , gasoline for tubing, and construction accessories , household hot water pipe withhold widely used vehicles, engineering machinery , hydraulic machinery , welding equipment and other industries.
Reusable hydraulic pipe crimping machine
Stainless steel quick coupling, working pressure: 16Mpa ~ 3.2Mpa. Temperature: -20 ~ +230 ℃. Product Medium: gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, refrigerating machine oil, water, saline, acidic and alkaline liquid, and the like. Product Connection: internal thread and external thread, hose, flanges, butt welding, socket welding, hydraulic pipe crimping machine plate skill. Product sealing materials: nitrile rubber, polyurethane, Viton, PTFE, EPDM. Products made ??of: aluminum, copper, stainless steel sus304, sus316 stainless steel. Thread Type: NPT, ZG, G, BSPT, BSP, DIN259/2999 (GB, American Standard, the British standard). Path products or specifications: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150. Valve Co., Ltd., Wenzhou, Xu Yi, quick connector Model are: A type quick connector, B-type quick connector, C-type quick connector, D-type quick connector, E-type quick connector, F-type quick connector, DC-type quick coupler, DP type quick connector, F-type quick connector with flange, C-type quick connector with flange, KJA tankers quick connectors, KJB tankers quick connector, quick connector female, male quick connectors, hose connection quick connectors, hose connection quick fittings, threaded quick connectors, quick connectors welded, socket-type quick connector, male end quick connector, quick connector female end, female quick connector, male quick connectors, hose quick connector female, male hose quick connector, male male quick connector, the female thread quick connector, quick connector male flange, quick connector female flange plate skill fast joints. 
When withheld
When withheld , nor withhold too fast, as is likely to cause damage to the rubber layer and wire breakage , so that the hose in use prematurely. hydraulic pipe crimping machine Practical work , the replacement of the high-pressure hose, hose length selected , wire layers, joint shape and size to be reasonable , and should minimize the degree of bending of the hose , the majority of the damage is due to the high pressure hose making improper .WorksPiston pump installed in the hydraulic oil in the tank immersed in silent cooling design to achieve scientific purposes , the motor driven piston pumps , hydraulic oil output , push the plunger movement withhold tanks , resulting in mold base radial contraction , and mold squeeze on the hose fitting jacket . When the contraction reached micrometer predetermined value , squeezing automatically stop solenoid valve to change back , reverse movement of hydraulic pipe crimping machine the plunger within the cylinder , die along with open, withhold hose complete.