Metric Flat Seal fittings are usually used with O-ring.
Metric 60°cone seal fittings can be produced with carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and so on.
Multiseal fittings are used without any o-ring or rubber seal.
Female74°cone seal fittings are used with male 74°cone seal fittings.
24°cone O-Ring Seal L.T fittings are metric fittings with light series.
24°cone O-Ring Seal H.T fittings are metric fittings with heavy series.
24° Cone Multiseal metric light fitting with multiseal type.
24° Cone Multiseal metric heavy fitting with multiseal type.
Standpipe Straight fittings can be produced for 1wire, 2wires, 4wires and 6wires hose.
Metric banjo is used with metric bolt.
Metric Waterwash can be produced for hose size DN6. 8 and 10.
Metric bolt is used with metric banjo.