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PH offers various tube clamps, including the light tube clamp, heavy tube clamp, single tube clamp, twin tube clamp, U-bolt tube clamp, flat steel tube clamp, small tube clamp and extra large tube clamp. They are exported to the customers all over the world.
This light tube clamp is suitable for oil, water and gas pipes in the mechanical hydraulic system in difference areas such as the metallurgy,the petroleum,the chemical industry, the vehicles,the ships, electric power and so on.
Twin tube clamp is twin series with single bolt clamp, for the cover plate, weld plate,rail, rail nut and bolt, the standard material is carbon steel, other materials upon request. If customers require, PH also can provide the tube clamps with multi-layer but five layers at most.
Smalled tube clamp is used in different areas, such as compressed air pipeline, vehicles,machine manufacturer,measuring and controlling equipment,machine tool and so on. PH can produce different material and pipe diameters upon customers’ request.
Components of the heavy tube clamp are hexagon head bolt,cover plate,clamp body and weld plate. Work temperature is between -30℃ and +90℃,work pressure is PN≤31.5Mpa, Suitable for pipe OD from 6mm to 508mm.
Components of the U-Bolt Tube Clamp are clamp body,long washer and nut, the clamp surface is zinc plated, different treatments are available. U-Bolt tube clamp are frequently used for things other than their intended use, and are often used as a more permanent version of duct tape wherever a tighten
Flat-steel tube clamp can be with two bolts or three bolts,they are produced according to GERMAN standard DIN3015A,PH can produce different forms or requirements of flat-steel tube clamp according to customers’ request.
The inner diameter of the extra large tube clamp is from 48.3mm, one of the fundamental goals of the tube clamps is to ensure a tight seal between the hose and the barb to prevent the working fluid from escaping.